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It started with a diary.

When Asking a Friend Is Just Not Enough

The kind with a lock and key. The only problem was I spent way too much time looking for the key. Graduated to a journal. No key. The trick was remembering where I hid the private journal.

I always knew:

  1. How cathartic writing is; how character development intrigued me.

  2. Reading opened doors.

  3. Working with youth called to me.


Why or why do I write?

I write to untangle the messiness in my brain.

I write because the written word comes straight from my heart and helps me to clarify, understand, transform, create and grow.


I write because I can’t imagine not doing so.


I write because I’m a lifelong learner and reader.


I write because I hope my words touch others.


A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Common Ground Review · Spring/Summer 2020


Look What they've Done to My Poem

Common Ground Review · Spring/Summer 2020


Cancer and Relationships

CURE TODAY · Jun 26, 2017


Healing After Cancer

CURE TODAY and HEAL supplement · Mar 30, 2017

Featured as "Voice" in hard copy of CURE TODAY and HEAL journal.

I've Been There: A Poem About Cancer

CURE TODAY · Nov 14, 2016


Facing Breast Cancer, I Didn't Cry

CURE TODAY · Oct 5, 2016


Perfectly Fine Glasses

Cirque Journal - Volume 7, Number 2 · Jun 21, 2016


Be Proactive - Cancer is not a wait and see disease.

Seattle Times (My Take) · Nov 20, 2015


"A Tiny Thing" prose

Cirque Journal 10th year anniversary edition

Feelings around being diagnosed with breast cancer.


Golf on a Friday Afternoon

Persimmon Tree Literary Magazine


Justice for All

Persimmon Tree Literary Journal


My Hero, My Grandma

Persimmon Tree Literary Magazine


Passager Books

"Pandemic Diaries" Journal entry March 15, 2021

Series of columns - contributing columnist

Bellevue "Journal American"

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