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Welcome to my site where you can learn about me, peruse some of my work, and stay tuned for my children's book in progress, Emma the Only.

Emma teaser: An only child of older parents, Emma is accustomed to life in the suburbs of Seattle. Her parents want to uproot her to a different neighborhood with an attached home to accommodate her 85-year-old grandmother, who lives in Florida and can no longer live alone. Emma is very unhappy about this, until she receives the surprise of her life. Read more

“ I am wowed by your knowledge of writing, your skill and application, and your authentic focused and exacting words and messages.  Your writing is powerful – a synthesis of life, experience, and expression that collides with power and vibrates with intelligence. Your gift is unmistakable."

Carol Reich, writer

“Ellen’s stories and poetry are filled with soul, honesty, and deep reflections of life.

Her ability to create a story for children contains an amazing lesson but done in a comfortable way. Readers fall in love with her characters because we see a reflection of ourselves and our own neighborhoods."
- Doris Northstrom, creative writing instructor and author


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